Dreamforce 2017 Stream Line Cloud Deployments

dreamforce dreamforce17 salesforce Nov 21, 2017

Atlassian sponsored a booth and 20 min developer lightning talk at the conference. Our booth, located in Moscone West in the Developer Campground. The Campground, filled with theaters set up for presentations and lightning talks. This trafficked area of the conference focuses on software innovation and development.

During our lightning talk, I presented “Streamline Cloud Deployment.” The discussion featured Atlassian team collaboration tools deploying to the Salesforce Heroku platform. I mapped strategies of communication and collaboration with our tools. I demonstrated how Jira, Stride, Confluence, and Bitbucket create an integrated workflow. I concluded by describing how to simplify continuous Integration. Using automated deployment with Bitbucket Pipelines to Heroku this tied together with our platforms.

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