Sheldon Callahan

Polymath Extraordinaire

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Business and Software Development

Business Value and


  • Define vision and roadmaps for multiple departmental and organizational initiative’s that measurable improve performance
  • Develop programs to create and improve organization processes
  • Create and maintain strategic partnerships and programs

Tactical and Execution

  • Architect large scale solutions for clients on the Salesforce platform for
  • Drive sales pipeline through custom technical solutions
  • Implement Agile/Scrum and Behavior Driven Development methodologies and best practices for development and business teams
  • Mentor and coach developers on the Salesforce and Node.js platforms
  • Lead teams of programmers, designers on the development of custom solutions processes
  • Create and maintain of strategic partnerships and programs


  • Cloud: Salesforce Sales Cloud; Service Cloud; Non Profit Cloud, Heroku, AWS, Firebase, Dataloader, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Git Hub,
  • Code: Apex, Visualforce, Lighting, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Node, Mongo DB, Bash, Functional Programming, OOP
  • Prototype and Design: Interactive Prototyping, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Invision Studio
  • Methods: Agile/Scrum, Kanban, BDD, TDD
  • Devops: Continuous Integration/Delivery, Server Admin, Micro Service Architecture, Cloud Functions
  • Marketing: Marketo


Salesforce Solutions Architect

Jan - June 2019

Key Accomplishments:

  • Closed 5 deals in 6 months with solution design the largest being Sunrun
  • Implemented Behavior Driven Development with the Customer Experience team, greatly improving efficiency and communication with off shore developers.


  • Design custom solutions for call center scheduling and resource management needs across industries like Solar, Insurance, Marketing, Security, Healthcare and Automotive.
  • Support pre-sales pipeline and customer discovery needs assessment to guide clients through the implementation of Salesforce and system integrations.
  • Synthesize business requirements and objectives into a statement of work, user stories, and documentation.
  • Fully architect and prototype interactions and functionality for solutions on the Salesforce platform and integrated external third-party systems.


iO Genesys Inc.

Principal Architect

Dec 2015 - Present

Key Accomplishments

  • Launch of product offering and deployment in to client orgs
  • Successful Refactor of legacy codebases
  • Facilitation of Global Hackathons


  • Develop products, roadmaps, and business strategies for key offerings
  • Design scalable Salesforce managed package and Node.js Solutions
  • Refactor legacy codebase from a native only application to flexible micro-service API architecture
  • Implement Continuous Deployment and Integration into workflow
  • Lead classes and training for developers on Agile/Scrum, Behavior Driven Development and Functional programming methodologies and best practices
  • Mentor interns and full time developers
  • Evaluate and hire contractors for internal and external assignments



Developer Evangelist/Advocate

Feb 2016 - Oct 2018

Key Accomplishments:

  • Envision, develop, and deploy strategies and user experience for the developer documentation and community portals increasing developer engagement.
  • Spoke at 3 developer sessions at Dreamforce 2016-2017
  • Host and develop content for Atlassian Atlas Camp 2017-2018 improving NPS scores year over year
  • Develop API documentation strategy to improve the user experience increasing the amount of closed documentation tickets.


  • Grow and support the developer community and strategic partners building on the Atlassian platform and APIs.
  • Develop sample applications and instructions on utilizing our public API’s
  • Strategize and create roadmaps one the strategic goals for API documentation and developer portals
  • Organize and speak at various software related global events like Dreamforce.
  • Define, create and refine strategic goals for the developer website, documentation, and developer experience. Build and deploy example integration application for developer community. Create blog post and articles and specialized development topics. Work with strategic partners to build integrations for our app store and ecosystem.



Frontend Web Developer/ Prototyper

Jan 2014 - Aug 2015

Key Accomplishments:

  • Built Dreamforce Website 2014-2015
  • Completed Salesforce Cloud Business Courses   
  • Launched Various Initiatives on                                                   


  • Work with the marketing product owner to conceive, prototype and build web experiences for flagship Salesforce and Dreamforce websites.
  • Weigh in on significant development and technology decisions and consult on best practices.
  • Build high-end responsive websites and Single Page Applications that integrate with CMS and internal/external API’s.
  • Host team talks on current technology standards and use cases.



Senior Web Developer/ Salesforce Admin                                                             

2011- 2014

Key Accomplishments:

  • Revamp and conversation of site to responsive design
  • Design, implementation and integration of website with Salesforce as a CRM
  • Integrate and deploy customer community and knowledge base


  • Develop technology strategies to enable front facing marketing website.
  • Architect, develop and deploy full stack and responsive web technologies.
  • Manage end to end web functions using HTML5, Javascript, PHP, APEX, Visual Force, MYSQL, and MongoDB for marketing purposes.
  • Build custom solutions using the and open source platforms.
  • Integrate 3rd party applications and API for seamless 360 view marketing campaigns and customer life cycles.
  • Manage projects, contractors, and direct reports to achieve objectives.


Tools/Technologies:, Visualforce, Apex, Apex Data Loader, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, TextMate, Workbench



Media Department Lead / WebMaster

2010- 2011

Key Accomplishments:

  • Lead digital transformation initiatives, website rebrand, digital video implementation
  • Develop media department and video content team
  • Facilitate transition to Salesforce
  • Completed Salesforce Online Admin Training
  • Implemented a video delivery and training platform for internal and external consumption


  • Lead and bridge IT and Marketing departments with web and media consultation.
  • Drive department initiatives, budgets and projects.
  • Implement UI/UX Design as well as coordinate multiple corporate websites and projects.
  • Create and manage media department.
  • Integrate multiple platforms including and Content Management Systems.



BS In Progress - Communications

AA - Multimedia and Graphic Design, Westwood College of Technology

Attended two years at Academy of Art University for Computer Arts Program

Test Driven Development - Salesforce Onsite Education Courses

Cloud Business - Salesforce Onsite Education Courses

Salesforce Development - Salesforce Onsite Education Courses

Salesforce Admin - MedAmerica Premium Online Courses

Studied Mandarin Chinese, Online, SF, and Beijing

Kung Fu

About Master Sheldon


Master Sheldon is a well known and respected Shaolin Master recognized by the Shaolin Temple with over 20 years of training and experience. At the young age of 16, Sheldon began this journey, which led to the healing wellness work of Qigong.  Sheldon was trained directly from Shaolin Monks and Martial Masters in both northern and southern styles of Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi as well as gymnastics.

Master Sheldon is Head Trainer of Shaolin Life, a program of Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies, where classes are held in Kung Fu, Qigong, Tai Chi, and Meditation. 

Master Sheldon is also Exec. Dir. of Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies, a temple focused on spiritual and wellness studies, originally a Shaolin Buddhist Temple founded by monks from the Shaolin Monastery, for his forward-looking vision, understanding of the art and culture and many years of hard work and dedication. 

Master Sheldon’s teaching style is fun, accessible, and no-nonsense. He is relatable and explains the deeper concepts in the most simplistic ways while engaging the thought process. He approaches each movement with ease and flexibility while preserving its complexity to invoke thought and introspection.

Master Sheldon teaches weekly at Shaolin Life and has been a guest teacher at well-known venues such as Maui Qi Fest, Asian Cultural Center, Athletic Playground


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