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The Polymath

All systems operate on the same principles. Seemingly unrelated crafts all share in the same underlying truths.

The Kung Fu Master

“Martial Arts is not about fighting but rather inner conflict resolution. There is no other, just the self to resolve conflict with.”

The Engineer

“Development is about understanding systems and the laws that govern them. If you understand the law you can master any system. ”

The Musician

"I enjoy creating organic electronic music with lush soundscapes and musical journeys of sonic fantasy."

The Designer

"Design is about seeing the possibilities with the discipline to bring it to life."

The Entrepreneur

“I see opportunity as energy flowing. When energy is trapped we have the opportunity to create a business out of freeing that flow.”

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Learn the Polymath Mindset

Becoming multifaceted is a skill that can be honed. It takes more than talent, it takes a mindset.

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About Me

What I do

I develop, create, teach, and evangelize useful ideas for the online and offline community. Building community and relationships through inspiration and connection are my constant goals.

What I Love

I love understanding the interconnecting themes of the universe whether it is in the form of People, Nature, Code, the Dao, Music, or Business. Once that understanding is grounded I enjoy sharing my insights.

This Site

The videos on this site will be specific to single ideas and topics regarding Tech, Business, and Spirit. Everything on this website is free, but as a part of our energy exchange, I want to know who you are. Click on "Available Videos and Courses" to sign up. Thanks for coming and enjoy!

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What I have been up to.


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